The most affordable SAT Math Tutoring in the area
Brainflex has been preparing students for the SAT for decades. We have seen the test question formats change, scores re-centered, and whole sections added and removed. After all that, they really just ask about the same concepts over and over. A skilled student can be trained to quickly see the important aspects and a clear path to the solution. Great SAT scores go to those students who can creatively apply the knowledge they already have to get the correct answers very quickly.

Mr. Delaney has scored perfect 800 math scores on actual tests several times and is our primary SAT tutor. How can a tutor properly prepare students for high scores if they can't do it themselves?

Brainflex uses “content-based” methods, no tricks or smart-guessing strategies. We use a combination of flash cards, notes, and tons of actual problems to increase the scores for our students.

The current text which the tutoring sessions are framed around is “The Official SAT Study Guide” by the College Board. This book has full length practice tests each with 54 questions and is a mandatory study companion for those wishing to improve their scores. Other study manuals are okay, but there is something authentic about solving real problems from the company that writes the test.

We have all the math problems from that book solved and categorized by topic. So if we have a student who is weak in any particular area, we can pinpoint other similar problems in the book. 

A thorough run-down of our dozens and dozens of topics can provide a great arsenal for the motivated student to really shine. This is especially great in Florida where good SAT scores can surely translate into real cash through the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. 
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SAT Math Tutoring