Tutoring since 1979, Mr. Delaney has helped hundreds of students excel.
Larry Delaney, Founder of Brainflex
Mr. Delaney has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been tutoring students privately since 1979. Having graduated with highest honors from Drexel University with a GPA of 3.915, Mr. Delaney knows what it takes to be a good student. After finishing graduate school (M.S.M.E., Drexel) with a 4.0 average, Mr. Delaney worked as a mechanical engineer in several different fields.

Larry began his engineering career in the defense field designing anti-armor weaponry. After a career realignment, he became a mechanical/electrical designer of automated machinery. Some of the machines he has designed either produce or inspect products as diverse as consumer appliances, to ceramic tile, to American flags, to bingo markers. Mr Delaney also has experience integrating Yamaha pick-and-place robots on a high-speed production line for the automotive industry. Larry is also co-inventor on U.S. patent number 5,331,357 (July 19, 1994) for a pair of surgical telescopes.

Larry is a former member of Mensa and thoroughly enjoys the academic challenges in life as well as helping other people to become the best students they can be. While his private tutoring started out as a fun part-time endeavor back in 1979, it has now become his passion. As a result, he founded Brainflex in order to use his talents as a top-notch student, to teach others to become top-notch themselves.

If a man is in too big a hurry to give up an error he is liable to give up some truth with it, and in accepting the argument of the other man he is sure to get some error with it. After I get a hold of the truth I hate to lose it again, and I like to sift all the truth out before I give up an error---Wilbur Wright

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